Frequently Asked Questions about the Alexander Technique

1.) How many lessons are required?

A students’ participation in Alexander Technique lessons is truly an individual matter. Most teachers agree that a series of 6 lessons will give the student an adequate basis for deciding if the technique is helpful. Lessons stress activities such as sitting, standing, walking, speaking and breathing.

2.) May I take group classes?

Introductory classes to the Alexander Technique often take the form of a group session. In it, students are given a brief overview of the technique and experience a minimum amount of hands on work. However, once a student decides to commit to the Alexander Technique, lessons are given on a one-to-one basis.

3.) How much do Alexander Technique lessons cost?

Private lessons can range from $50 – $80 per lesson. Theses lessons generally last one hour. Payment is made at the time of the lesson.

4.) Are lessons covered by medical insurance?

Lessons are not covered by medical insurance at the moment.

5.) Do Alexander Technique lessons include hands-on work by the Alexander teacher?

Yes, they include very gentle hands on work by the Alexander Technique teacher which helps guide the student to learn new ways to move.

6.) Is it necessary to undress for an Alexander Technique lesson?

No, undressing is not necessary with the exception of removing shoes. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing which allows them to move easily during their lesson.

 7.) What makes the Alexander Technique unique?

The Alexander Technique uses instruction and gentle hands-on work to help students become more conscious of their habits and reactions in simple activities. The development of conscious, directed thinking is one of the characteristics identifying the Alexander Technique.