Private lessons are arranged to be given in student’s home at a time that is mutually convenient for both student and teacher. Prior to start of lessons, a short meeting is arranged with the student to discuss goals, patient’s medical issues (of importance), questions about the technique student might have, lesson payment, schedule etc.

Introductory workshops and small group lessons can be arranged.

How is the Alexander Technique Learned?

The Alexander Technique teacher uses instruction and gentle hands on work to help students become more conscious of their habits and reactions in simple activities such as sitting and standing, bending and carrying. During the course of the lessons, the student learns to apply the principles of the Technique to their everyday movements.

As the student learns to allow natural poise and balance to emerge, he or she will usually notice the change as one of Iightness, ease and greater freedom of movement,  Removing habitual tension patterns that interfere with poise and balance is a process that the student can, in time, apply to daily life.